Welcome to LMRose Photography based on Long Island!  

I am Lori and am so pleased to see you have found your way to my about page.  

This about page is about you!


Magic happens during those moments in our lives. When we do say yes to ourselves, we are left to enjoy our life moments to the fullest!  When our parties have ended, our families have returned to their daily lives we are left sharing these moments of "remember when ..."  these are the moments we treasure for a lifetime! 


Loving what I do shows in all my photos.  Creating beautiful lifestyle photos that show the authentic you through my lens.  That is what I love most about photography, the moments that create lifetime memories!

Appreciating each individual as special and unique, all my photo shoots. these images are creative arts of you! 

take a stroll ... look through these created moments and if they resonate within you a desire to create these kind of memories for yourself, please click on my contact page!  


LONG ISLAND MUSIC SCENES ... I love live music!  I love photographing musicians in action .. their instruments ... and the crowd!!  follow my blog that accompanies my photos at www.longislandmusicscenes.com 


See you on the other side of the lens!