Stephanie .. writer, yogi, overcomes personal battlesAmy .. an RN, self motivated, goal: continued growthDawn .. self motivated, a seeker, authentic, made a move across the country to see if she couldGagan .. an NP, at this point of her shoot she had just finished schooling and rewarded herselfNicole .. a lawyer, a church leader, self motivated, writer,Debbie .. loving, nurturing, overcomer, battling cancer at this time, self empowering thru the lensMontauk's End of Summer with Ali YuleMelissa Ann after a transformation into health consciousnessAndrea, recreating herself while gracefully beginning a new chapterKathleen Bart author, artist, yogi, adventurer with a renewed focused on her love on paintingAmy  .. revisited 2017Gagan .. revisited 2017Trisha .. creating a new life