"..What is my calling? Who am I supposed to be? What am I supposed to do with this thing we call lifethat was breathed into my little baby soul 25 years ago?Flash back through my retinas, through theCave Woman. Able to embrace the raw, primal, sensual part of ourselves."..Nauseous from the dark red seeping into my system.Septic failure from a bludgeoned love wrench.Salt to quench my thirst.Is love like pecorino melting on a potato?My belly is wrapped in a jelly of nWarriorletting go is the hardest asanaholding the orbThe transitional moments.. are the true gems."The Money Shot" - If perfection existed, I would hesitate to say this photo represents thatrunning with a purposeMoonstone Goddess.holding the orbIn my magical place."I wish I were a tree.Never have I seen a discontent one.Grounded, growing, generous.Make do with what they’re given.Beaten by external environment yet still stand tall.Elegant limbs and rough to toucLATE FRAGMENTAnd what did you want?To call myself beloved, to feel myselfbeloved on the earth.​ -Raymond Carver"Like a falling flower.." - Suzy DamaszekCave Woman. Able to embrace the raw, primal, sensual part of ourselves'Elderflowers for eyes,carnation crushed lips,honey pressed hair.In the planked cedar cornerI hung her dry,All along she was beautiful bare.'-Stephanie Falkowski, 'stanzasbystephanie'2 years ago I was engulfed and swallowed whole by a sudden, mysterious ailment. Barely being able to walk, sit, or sleep without being in immense pain, I became an amoeba of uncertainty. My life turne"I just want to be among the ruinsIn the rustle of the leavesWhere we would talk about UtopiaAnd you would relish at the crinklesthe corners of my mouth made when I smiled."-Stephanie Falkowski, 'stanFeel the light